Comfort for Everyone

Since 2010, PG Electroplast has been manufacturing plastic moulded components for Air Coolers and started manufacturing complete Air Coolers in 2014 under the OEM model. By 2016, we developed and launched our own Air Cooler platforms for Window and Desert Coolers, offering features like Inverter-compatibility, Turbo Air Flow, Humidity Controllers, Eco Mode, Remote Control, and so on. Our R&D team refreshes the designs periodically to make the latest features and fresh aesthetics available to our customers, while improving performance and cost optimisation.

PG is now a one-stop provider of Air Cooler manufacturing services, from product designing and tooling to mass production. Delivering both ODM and OEM solutions to our clients, we offer the complete range of air coolers ranging from 30 litres to 100 litres in both mechanical and electronic platforms. Our dedicated air cooler manufacturing facility can produce up to 100,000 air coolers annually.