Specialised ACComponents

PG Electroplast has been manufacturing plastic molded RAC components since 2003. In 2018, in an effort to improve value, PGEL decided to invest and develop capacities for 5mm and 7mm HE lines, injection molding components, system tubing with CNC bending, sheet metal components, and powder coating treatment capabilities. PG Electroplast will be well positioned to deliver innovative, completely built units from 2021 onwards. In addition to the complete indoor unit manufacturing capabilities, we have developed capacities and are supplying to leading Indian and global brands.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are some of the key components in an air conditioning unit, with each unit containing at least two. The first one is the condenser which cools the gas, transferring its heat to either air or water, turning the cooled gas into liquid. The refrigerant then flows into the evaporator, the other heat exchanger, where the heat flow is reversed and the relatively cool refrigerant absorbs heat from the hotter air flowing outside the tubes and cools the air.

PGEL has invested in state-of-the-art Heat Exchanger shops, with the capabilities to produce both 5mm and 7mm Heat Exchangers. All our lines are BIS certified and have automatic fin presses, vertical expanders, hair pin bending machines, conveyorized flushing and baking ovens, auto brazing, evacuation, and comprehensive line testing capabilities to deliver products of the highest quality.

Sheet Metal Components

Our sheet metal manufacturing facility will have fully automated capabilities to meet the highest benchmarks for quality, cost, technology and delivery. The press shop will be capable of manufacturing sheet metal components that fulfil custom requirements of our customers.

Powder Coating

In conjunction with our sheet metal shop, we are installing a state-of-the-art powder coating facility with automated overhead conveyors to ensure protection of our steel and aluminium sheet metal components against corrosion. It increases resilience of the product and meets aesthetic requirements of the components while fulfilling all the use cases of the product. The facility will be able to handle a varied range of coating requirements for heat resistant components, various textures and will ensure environment-friendly operations for both the manufacturing process and the manufactured components. It also minimises the overall carbon footprint.

Copper Tubing

PG Electroplast has an automated, advanced facility to manufacture various copper connecting pipes. We manufacture headers, connecting tubes, and distributors. Our facilities are equipped with 3D CNC benders, Chipless cutting machines and various SPMs that can handle spreading, spinning, flaring and other specialised operations. All the parts then undergo thorough cleaning and are stringently tested to ensure conformity to specifications.