Making Life Easier

PG Electroplast’s Washing Machine vertical is one of the leading Original Design Manufacturers in the industry. We have been manufacturing Washing Machine plastic-moulded components since 2003, and started manufacturing complete Semi-Automatic Machines (SAWM) in 2017. After witnessing strong market demand, PGEL launched its own SAWM platforms in 2018, offering models ranging from 6kg to 9kg, all with Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s 5 Star certification.

In 2020, PGEL launched its own Fully Automatic Washing Machine (FAWM) range. In the FAWM range, we have models from 6kg to 7.5kg, all carrying the BEE 5 Star Certification. We have developed premium products in this range with 9+ programs, magic filters, air drying, alarms, child locks and many more features. Our R&D team is always innovating, and keeps developing new models with new features and fresh aesthetics, to deliver the very best products to our customers.