Comfort Elevated

PG Electroplast is a one-stop solution for the Room Air Conditioning (RAC) industry. Having started manufacturing RAC plastic components in 2003, and the complete Indoor Unit (IDU) assemblies in 2017, we have since made strides to backward integrate, and started planning and investing to develop capabilities and capacities to manufacture heat exchangers, sheet metal components, powder coating plant, gas-charging lines, state-of-the-art assembly lines, in-house R&D and testing labs. PGEL’s Outdoor Unit (ODU) assembly line started production in 2020, and PG’s complete ODU plant will begin manufacturing in 2021.

Having concentrated on OEM business so far, PGEL has been developing premium, flagship ODM products. The product platform being rolled out will have 4D swing, PM2.5 filters, IoT connectivity, with design improvements to make service and installation painless. With the rigorous development and improvements made by our engineers, our platform will consume less electricity, deliver better performance, and will be equipped with pre-installed self-cleaning systems. PGEL’s ACs will set new standards in the industry, and start production in 2021.