Designing Elegance

Premium bathroom fittings are among our offerings. We aim to offer maximum convenience and aesthetic value with our product range that already has a large consumer base. From introducing innovative techniques to producing premium bathroom fittings, we maintain the strictest standards of quality.

Working with our customers, we have developed various key components locally that have reduced the market’s dependence on imported parts, ultimately increasing the nation’s self-reliance and has lowering costs for Indian consumers.PG manufactures Thermoset-Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) and PP toilet seats at our facility in Greater Noida. We also supply plastic parts for concealed cisterns and PP wall hung cistern.

PG has developed all product tooling for UF and PP Toilet Seats and In-Wall Tank Assemblies at our own Commercial Tool Room in Greater Noida with components like Dampers, Brass Components, Packaging and Rubber Parts developed locally.